Javascript 101 is a CodeHub Bristol meetup group. We get together every other Tuesday at 10am - 1pm at the Beatroot cafe in Bristol, UK.

Our main objective is to learn the JavaScript language to industry standards by supporting and encouraging each other. We do this by preparing short presentations, running project demos, pair programming, suggesting resources and collaborating with each other.

Mission Statement

A collaborative learning environment for learning Javascript best practises to industry standard.


We spend most of our time coding. Participants suggest topics that we can explore together - e.g. functions, callbacks, the DOM, ES6, etc. We also suggest coding challenges for beginners, like the ones found in the Eloquent JavaScript).

Some people prefer to work through Codecademy or similar online learning courses.

We encourage everyone to give a presentation when they feel ready; this is a good way to learn and consolidate your knowledge.

We occasionally include a "whiteboard session" where we have talk about programming concepts, e.g. the different ways to declare a function. You don't have to sit through a session if you aren't interested; you are welcome to do your own thing.


Example Agenda

10:00 Intros & Last Meeting Follow-up
* Short 30 sec - 1 min intro from everyone (if new members in group).
What stage of learning you're at and what you've been working on since the last meetup
15 min
10:15 Session 1 (30 min)
* Demo/presentation/discussion topic
15 min break for overruns/questions/drinks/setup for next session
30 min
10:45 Session 2 (30 min)
* Demo/presentation/discussion topic
* If nothing planned, go directly into coding
30 min
11:15 Coding
Can be:
- Coding on our apps
- Own project
- Tutorial
* Pair Programming, individual or in a group
* Use Gitter and Github repo issues for organising team app tasks
95 min
12:50 Plan next week and Close
* Next week's agenda suggestions added directly to the Meetup Topics/Suggestions Git Kanban
10 min

Is this group for me?

Hopefully, we have provided enough information in order for you to decide whether this group is for you.

Our emphasis is about learning JavaScript as a programming language. If you are an advanced programmer, we would also love to hear from you. If you can spare a Tuesday morning, come and say hello and maybe answer one or two questions about JavaScript :)

All skill levels are welcome!

CodeHub also organises a JavaScript hack night at the Momentum Offices every other Tuesday 6pm - 9pm.

Bristol JS is another great meet up group that holds talks and a social in the pub afterwards.

Simple Web holds hack nights from time to time.