Getting Started

Group Chat

We use Gitter to discuss JavaScript, our Projects, share useful Resources and keep the conversation going. Create a github account and join in! Then request to join CodeHubOrg on Github to start collaborating.

Code Editors

There are many text editors to choose from such as Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Vim, etc. Or choose from other powerful IDE's such as WebStorm.

Browser based playgrounds such as CodePen, JSFiddle and Plunker are great for trying things out.

If you want to do some remote pair programming, we have found Glitch to be a very good tool. It allows you to easily set-up and deploy an app.

Web Developer Tools

You can't do web authoring without good developer tools. We recommend using:

Source Control

Source control allows you to manage versions of your code and contribute to projects. We use git and host our projects on github. We recommend using Github Desktop to get started easily and progressing to the command line later.

Why not try our playground challenge?

Command Line

Learning the command line allows you utilize powerful tools and manage projects.

Package Management

We recommend installing Node.js and using npm to install packages and run workshops.


You might be interested in learning a JavaScript framework. We recommend getting to grips with the JavaScriptlanguage basics first. However, we have been focusing in learning React and you can contribute to our React app


A great way to learn JavaScript is to get started with making your own project. If you have been thinking about solving a particular problem, this might be an opportunity to start coding your project. Whether it's your first component, website or mobile app, you will get plenty of encouragement to keep it going.

You might like to get involved and contribute to one of our own projects. Find out more on our Projects page.

Online Courses

You might find working through an online course helpful. Free Code Camp is a group favourite and is the most starred project on github at time of writing.

Other options include:


If you are new to JavaScript Eloquent Javascript is an excellent introduction to JavaScript with online exercises.

Further Resources

It's particularly important with JavaScript to make sure the resources you're using are up to date - a resource that's just a couple of years old can be way out of date; Javascript frameworks and methods are evolving rapidly.

Find out about the best and most up to date resources on our Resources page.


Check out our Roadmaps page for some suggestions on what and how to learn, and integrate your goals with those of the group.