Where to start..

How much JS have you done before?
No coding experience
Worked through some tutorials
Some experience (JS or other)
Experienced JS developer

What and how do you want to learn?

1. Set goals
(..and feel free to change them every now and then)
Think about why you are learning Javascript and what you are aiming to achieve and break it down into a list of goals. (We once tried to get everybody to publish a list, but only two members did.. It is anyway more important to do it for yourself.) At the beginning of a meetup, talk about what you have achieved, what things you found difficult etc.

2. Look out for members that have similar goals (e.g. others who work through Free Code Camp), or who have expertise in something you want to learn about / want help with

3. Think about doing a little presentation about something you have learned
Nothing consolidates knowledge more than telling/teaching others about it!

Some questions that might help you to decide what to do each session, alongside what we currently aim for as a group

Questions CodeHub Individual
1. What is my overall goal? Providing a collaborative learning environment for learning Javascript best practises to industry standard. Is my goal to work as a (front-end) developer?
Is there a particular area within JS that I need to or want to learn?
Are there some intersecting skills I'd like to learn? Git, Command line, presenting about code?
If more advanced, would I like to get experience in mentoring people?
2. What should I work on in the upcoming coding session? Currently:
- Working on a site for the group
- Working on a React-Redux App
Am I at this point interested in collaborating on a project? Or would I rather concentrate on learning JS syntax and concepts for now?
3. What is a good resource or topic to work through at the moment? We started short presentations about functions (from how to declare them to higher order functions) Would be a good thing to pick up again I think! Possible resources for beginners:
- Free Code Camp
- Udacity
- Books: Eloquent JavaScript, YDKJS
See Getting started

A generic roadmap for learning JavaScript

If you are just interested in learning JavaScript as a language, this is a breakdown of steps. You can start building and contributing at any step, of course, though I find it helps a lot to have gained some fluency.

  1. Learn syntax, data types
  2. Get familiar with certain concepts of the language*
  3. Gain fluency by doing coding challenges
  4. Build something
  5. Collaborate on a project (JS101 site + app!)
  6. Collaborate on open-source / find a job

*Also check out the second column on this page
You don't know JS is very good for learning about JS concepts

Other skills useful to know about in front-end development (and essential for most jobs): HTML, CSS, basic commandline, Git - we sometimes go on little side trips to cover these, especially Git

I have found there is a certain back and forth between studying language concepts and then practising, either by doing coding challenges, or building something. You start working through a book but then start intensely working on a project, and forget the book.. or you discover another one and start working through that. But perhaps other people are more consistent than me!

Finally, here are some fantastic roadmaps with different technologies to learn if you want to go into web development

About learning and making progress

For now, some links, but I would like to expand this section in the future

Things I wish someone had told me when I was learning how to code
Katrina Owen on fluency versus proficiency
Two suggestions from David Moody who runs the hack night:
Journey from Novice to Expert
Apprenticeship Patterns - Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman